05   /   01   /   2018

Working with community leaders from the North End, the City of Charlotte team identified community technology as one of the biggest needs. It was quickly realized that what residents wanted most was a place to connect to the internet. This led to a partnership with Google Fiber and Hygge coworking to support a physical space for the community to collaborate. The Nest is located at Camp North End and provides residents with:

  • Internet connectivity - free fiber internet from Google Fiber

  • The ability to access new resources and training; and

  • The opportunity to build meaningful relationships and co-create the NESD alongside public, private and nonprofit partners.

We provide ongoing support for this community asset and help residents identify and plan programming that provides digital literacy and breaks down the digital divide. We are working on free courses that span social media, job preparedness, accessing community resources and online security, just to name a few.