08   /   01   /   2018

Create a backdrop so amazing that people would choose to have this view over the skyline. That was the challenge given to us by Crescent Communities when we first started conceptualizing for the three massive Novel Stonewall Station murals in 2017. It seemed like a tall order. Puns intended. 


In apartment living, the internal courtyard areas are normally the center of community life. They are often home to the pool and create a natural gathering place for residents. For this project, that wasn't the case. With it's prime Uptown Charlotte location, Novel Stonewall Station placed its pool in the logical location - on the roof. The pool is the gem of the property but left a void in the internal courtyard. The high vertical walls and unusual courtyard layout left a design challenge. What could you do to this space to make it more valuable and provide units that people were asking to live in? 


Ultimately, we realized that the three tall walls were in close proximity of many of the patios and porches around it. For most of these residents, whatever was placed on the wall would feel like an extension of their homes. We brought in Osiris Rain and charged him with creating a design that felt peaceful and comfortable, while bringing energy to the courtyard. That wasn't an easy line to walk but the results speak for themselves. 


Many cans of spray paint, hot summer days and scaffolding moves later, this was is a wrap. Our team wouldn't have been complete without Matt Spivey of Reel Talk CLT to provide us these great images and videos.