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05  /  21   /   2019


Trinity Capital Advisors’ latest development, Toringdon 7, is about to bring a little more life to Ballantyne with the additional of two large wrap-around murals on the project’s parking garage. 

Until now, most public art in this submarket has been limited in quantity and scope. We took on the challenge of exploring how art could be used as both an amenity and community building tool with their Toringdon 7 parking garage. This structure will be a focal point of not only Toringdon 7, but all of the Toringdon Office Park and visible from I-485. Public art has become a key element in developments located in more urban areas of Charlotte but has not yet found a niche in the suburban market. 


This project provides an opportunity to demonstrate how public art can be successfully integrated into this nontraditional development environment.  Gökotta is overseeing the introduction of large-scale art into the project. In recognition of this new endeavor, they also wanted to support an up and coming local artist for whom this would be a new venture. Darion Fleming was selected to work with Gökotta and Trinity Capital on a collaborative design. The piece will not be Fleming’s first mural, but it will be his largest by far. He doesn’t take it lightly. The team hopes that this piece will not only open up doors for Fleming, but for other larger pieces of art in South Charlotte and other suburban markets. 


Fleming’s geometric design will stretch around both corner towers of the parking deck and reach over 45 feet in height. The design was carefully created to ensure that it took into consideration visibility from all different vantage points – inside Toringdon 7, ground level and along I-485. Art is always subjective, but the hope is that individuals are subconsciously inspired or brought some happiness during unexpected moments of the day. Toringdon 7’s development includes a pocket park green space with sculptural seating elements and additional outdoor collaboration space to allow tenants to fully experience Fleming’s work. 


The piece will be underway from April 29, 2019 through the beginning of June 2019.