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Updated: Apr 4, 2019

It's been two years and we wanted to celebrate by refreshing the look of our brand a little bit.

When Gökotta began we knew the feel of the brand we wanted, but weren't exactly sure how to get there. G-Bird was our first step but we knew we always wanted to create a visual consistency that represented the work we do, and how we do it. This creative process hasn't been easy. Perhaps for folks who specialize in graphic design and branding this wouldn't have been a two year process! We had to sit and breathe with each choice. No one tells you how personal this becomes.

We won't bore you with each step of the process but one part we focused on was identifying other brands that felt good to us. There became a clear theme to all of them. We gravitated to surf, snowboard and outdoor gear brands. They used color playfully, boldly connected themselves to their mission and made sure their visual representation conveyed the tone of their companies. A few of our favorites are Aviator Nation and Poler (who is no longer around) but there are many that inspired us.

Our color palette went through some iterations until we settled on the bright rainbow gradation you see on our site. We then started working on imagery because it felt like we "needed" a logo other than G-bird that incorporated the colors. How could we put the entire company into an image? Well, we can't. But our heart is the closest thing to it. All of our work is about connection and creating impact with the human element at the center. It's about putting heart at the core. The arrows to us started representing growth, movement and ultimately impact. We kept (and keep) playing with images because there are no rules. And we are creatively inspired by visual representations.

“All of our work is about connection and creating impact with the human element at the center. It's about putting heart at the core.”

Stay Tuned

We are going to keep sharing our Gökotta brand over the coming months. And yes, when you calculate the number of hours we have spent on this, it would have been cheaper to hire someone. But for us, we needed to be in the trenches with it to connect. The task of translating our business into visuals helped us understand who we are as a company better and how to better tell our story. So in the end, it was all worth it.

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