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Creating a unique sense of place through hyper-local art and community activations.



I'm Jenny Vallimont. I'm not your typical engineer. In 2017 I followed my heart and opened Gökotta, a boutique consulting firm built to help others find meaningful ways to connect with their community. Using my unique background in corporate real estate, construction, community engagement and public art, I help developers and organizations discover and create the special sauce. I believe that the key to good placemaking is genuinely understanding the people and needs of the communities in which we operate. 


I received both my bachelor and master's of Architectural Engineering from Penn State University. I now realize my academic background was preparing me to bridge the communication gap between business and social equity. Through my career, I moved from construction management to real estate development to environmental sustainability to corporate stewardship. My journey included stops with Walt Disney Imagineering, multiple national general contractors, the Bank of America sustainability team and developers Crosland and Crescent Communities. ​I loved every step along the way, but this is where I'm meant to be.



CLIENTS: Please reach out. I love to connect.

ARTISTS: If you are an artist wishing for me to present you to clients, please send me an email telling me a little about yourself and a link to some of your recent work. 

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based in Charlotte, NC

we go everywhere

Tel: 704-560-5811

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