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Exclusive Services

We are a boutique consulting firm, providing customized creative services and solutions for each client. Our most common service offerings are described here. If your project calls for something even more unique, we will be happy to put together a package for you. While we are based in Charlotte, North Carolina, we work all over the United States. And happy to go anywhere in the world.

Public Art Management

We provide turnkey offerings for public art of all sizes and types. Our specialty is helping with complicated and complex art pieces that require engineering, new types of fabrication, extra large creations and just wacky ideas. We manage everything from the identification of artists through the installation of art. 


Interior Art Curation

Working side by side with the interior design team, we curate and install interior art collections using local artists. Our goal is to utilize art in order to bring the project to life with out of the box thinking. We are able to offer thoughtful and one-of-a-kind solutions to maximize any budget. 


Artist Connection

We are proud of our vast network of local artists from all over. Sometimes you don't need our full management services, but rather just the connection to the right artist. 



After years spent in corporate real estate leading community engagement, we realized that the way most of us think about placemaking is backwards. We provide project teams immersive experiences to uncover the true identity of the communities in which they are developing.

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