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In 2017, Jenny Vallimont pursued her passion and founded Gökotta, a boutique consulting firm dedicated to assisting others in establishing meaningful connections with their community. Leveraging her diverse expertise in corporate real estate, construction, community engagement, and public art, she identified specific needs within the development industry. Gökotta operates as a link between local creatives and institutional funding, aiming to facilitate authentic placemaking. The essence of our approach lies in genuinely understanding the people and needs of the communities we engage with. Our work is often described as bespoke, thoughtful, eccentric, and heartfelt – descriptors that authentically reflect the nature of our endeavors.

Jenny Vallimont

Penn State University


Architectural Engineering


She earned both her bachelor's and master's degrees in Architectural Engineering from Penn State University. Reflecting on her academic journey, she now sees that it was preparing her to bridge the communication gap between business and social equity. Throughout her career, she transitioned from construction management to real estate development, environmental sustainability, and corporate stewardship. Her professional journey included notable experiences with Walt Disney Imagineering, various national general contractors, the Bank of America sustainability team, and developers Crosland and Crescent Communities. While she cherished every step along the way, she recognizes that her current role is where she is truly meant to be.

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