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We are an impact consulting firm based in Charlotte, NC.  Our clients value creativity and want help being a little different. They understand that people crave more connection and purpose in their daily lives. We use our background in responsible development and construction to creatively collaborate on solutions that result in more business value and a better world.  We are here to help organizations bring their values to life.

Our name Gökotta is a Swedish word. When we originally named the company, we thought it meant that magical time of the morning when the first birds chirp. In reality, it is a Swedish holiday that involves spiked coffee, waking up at 3am, cuckoo birds and dancing in the woods. The two together represent us perfectly. We aren't scared to do things a little differently in order to amplify what really matters.



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Jenny received both her bachelor and master's of Architectural Engineering from Penn State University in 2003. In addition to being both a LEED AP BD+C and Homes, she has her Six Sigma Greenbelt and is a GRI Certified Sustainability Reporter. After beginning her career in construction management she quickly found her way to responsible development and led sustainability and CSR initiatives at such organizations as Crosland, Crescent Communities and Bank of America. 

Despite having an engineering background, her greatest passion is around connecting people and missions to create community. In 2007, Jenny founded the ACE Mentor Program of Charlotte, a high school mentoring program for students interested in the construction industry. She became embedded in the Charlotte philanthropic community and opened Gökotta in 2017 to create better collaboration between for-profit and not-for-profit.


Many people know Jenny for her love of travel, offgrid building projects and as a vocal advocate of transracial adoption. During the summer 2019, she will be overlanding across the United States with her two children and living off the grid out of their SUV. 





Trying to describe the unique work that Gökotta does is not an easy task. We have broken it down into four categories with obvious overlap between them. Ultimately, we describe our work as providing the special sauce to projects. We help translate visions and principles into physical action that result in true impact. We are impact consultants. We are Gökotta.

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Our past development experience exposed a need for coordination between owners and artists. We speak both languages and take away the headaches from both sides. 


Artist RFP, Artist Sourcing, Design Selection, Site Planning, Construction Coordination, Owner Approvals and Revisions, Design Intent Interpretation, Documentation, Social Media Engagement, Schedule Management



We help organizations build meaningful philanthropic platforms and strategies that maximize impact for both the company and non-profit partners. We like to say it's not your normal CSR. We've create a 5 Stage Process customizable to any organization regardless of the starting point.


Our offerings cover identifying focus areas, policies, benefits, giving structure, local partners and program implementation.


Our work in this area focuses on people in order to address social equity needs with technology. Smart cities can mean many things, but at the center of it all are the people. 


Food Access, Digital Inclusion, First/Last Mile, Community and Neighborhood Driven Initiatives, Smart Homes, Transportation Infrastructure, Big Data, AI Technology



With a robust background in environmental sustainability, we work on everything from project specifications and certifications to organizational strategy and implementation. 


Green Building & Certifications, Innovative Building Products, Resource Metrics & Performance Measurement, Green Education and Training, Environmental Programs, Alternative Transportation Solutions, Corporate Sustainability Reporting, Green Building Portfolio Strategy