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Fifth Third Bank

Gamified community mural inviting visitors of all ages to play the interactive art and create their own versions.

Our very first gamified public art installation. We partnered with POTIONS & PIXELS and The Mural Ninjas to bring this one of a kind installation to life.

The mural design represents the diversity of the community around the project located at South Blvd and Woodlawn. When we were asked, who the local community was by the client, the answer was everybody. As a team we created a concept that highlighted universal connection points that transcend language and background - Music, Food, Sports and Nature.

The mual works with the painted ground installation. Visitors are asked to start on one symbol and physically connect with one of the images on the mural by only using a path with their shared connections. These are through colors and shapes. Multiple game plays were developed and the experience was intentionally designed to be fully accesible for all.

Power in Numbers


Year Created



360 sf


Project Gallery

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