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Lowe's Tech Hub

First of its kind multi-disciplinary public art sculpture using dichroic glass and fiber optic lighting.

Double Take is a mixed-media installation by Hilary Siber Edwards. We partnered with ArtPop Street Gallery for the design, procurement, management and everything else you couldn't even image to help Hilary bring this to life.

The piece takes on different colors as you view it from different angles and during different times of the day, due to the dichroic glass. In the evening, the piece takes on a new presence as fiberoptic lights add another level to the quilted pattern.

Hilary's design was directly inspired by the technology aspect of the building and the Lowe's brand vision for innovation. An abstract take on the brand's logo gable can be seen printed across the glass along with traditional paracord to balance the highly technical lighting controls.

Power in Numbers


Year Created



1,116 sf


Project Gallery

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